CHK Checksum Utility

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CHK is an advanced checksum utility — a simple application designed to help you verify the integrity of your files, find duplicates and much more!

Main Features

  • Verify the integrity of downloaded/transferred files
  • Find and get rid of duplicate files on your computer
  • Support for all the hashes you'll ever need: Adler32, CRC32, CRC64, ED2K, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA1-Base32, SHA256, SHA512, SHA512/256, Tiger and Whirlpool
  • Simple interface with full Unicode and Drag&Drop support
  • It's portable - run anywhere without any installation
  • And last but not least - it's FREE!


Program Size SHA1
CHK v1.85 Win64 Portable 1.89 MB 652D390B3520180173D99F9C3956FB2ACDF75D83
CHK v1.85 Win32 Portable 1.54 MB 33596A5FCBD52872EC12BDB9E421A1A4C7929218
For a Chinese version of CHK, please visit
Instructions: Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch chk.exe
Get it from CNET!

Data Compression Software

Selection of my proprietary software:
Program Description Used Algorithm(s) Release Date User Interface
BIM v0.03 A high-performance lossless image compressor. Currently BIM supports 24-bit BMP, TGA and PNM/PPM images LPC+CM 2013-09-13 Command line
PPMX v0.09 Original, small and fast PPM implementation PPM 2014-03-24 Command line
LZF v1.02 A LibLZF compatible compressor that uses optimized string parsing to provide a higher compression LZ77 2014-10-02 Command line
PIM v2.90 A fully-featured file archiver with smart algorithm selection. In addition, PIM supports extraction for ZIP, JAR, QUAKE PAK, PK3, PK4, QUAD and BALZ archives PPMD, BALZ, BZIP2, preprocessing 2009-01-01 Graphic
PIMPLE v1.43 Quite old, but extremely powerful compressor with many options to play with LZP+CM, preprocessing




My open source projects @
  • BCM — The ultimate BWT-based file compressor (Public Domain, 2015)
  • CRUSH — An LZ77-based file compressor (Public Domain, 2013)
  • BALZ — A ROLZ-based file compressor (Public Domain, 2008)
  • QUAD — A ROLZ-based file compressor (LGPL, 2007)
  • LZPX — An LZP-based file compressor (GPL, 2005)




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